Dog Anxiety and 4th of July: Calming Methods to Help with Fireworks

Dog Anxiety and 4th of July: Calming Methods to Help with Fireworks


So many of us love fireworks on the Fourth of July – but for pet owners, especially those with anxious pets, the Fourth of July can be a much less joyous day. However, while the loud crashes and bangs of fireworks can be exceptionally distressing for many pets, it doesn’t always have to be this way. And, by taking a few steps and precautions in advance of this momentous occasion, you can help ensure your pet stays calm while the rest of the country is celebrating the event.

Calming Methods to Help Your Dog’s Anxiety with Fireworks on the Fourth of July

In the run-up to the Fourth of July, implementing new strategies to help ease your dog’s worries can be an excellent way to help them cope. Fortunately, the following five tips may be good options in this regard.

#1 Create a Safe Space

Before the big day, we highly recommend you create a safe space for your dog in your home that they can easily access and seek refuge. Filling this safe space with all of your dog’s favorite toys may be a simple change to give them somewhere to hide if they feel worried during the fireworks.

#2 Give Them Interactive Toys 

Your dog doesn’t know what fireworks are – but focusing on the scary sounds they make will often make them feel more anxious! Distracting your dog’s mind by providing them with interactive and engaging toys, such as a snuffle bag filled with their favorite treats, may help. Of course, this likely won’t overcome their anxiety alone. Still, if combined with the other tips on this list, it may be enough to distract your pup from what’s happening outside the house.

#3 Play Music in your Home

Playing music can be an excellent way to help “muffle” the sound of fireworks for your dog. Start before fireworks night, and gradually increase the sound of the music, so your dog becomes accustomed to this new environment. Then, during the fireworks themselves, turn up the music volume so that the sound of the fireworks isn’t quite so jarring. Be sure to discuss this with your neighbors first so as not to make a nuisance of yourself!

#4 Walk Your Dog Before the Fireworks Start

There’s no way to control when fireworks start going off. However, walking your dog before it gets dark makes you much more likely to avoid the fireworks during your walk. Plus, a long, tiring walk may help settle your dog before the light shows start, potentially making them less excitable and anxious and making it easier for you to keep them calm than if they were already in a boisterous mood.

#5 Be There for Them

Owning a pet is a full-time responsibility. If your pet is anxious around fireworks night, you’ll have to decide whether to go and watch the fireworks or stay with them. Of course, the responsible thing to do here is to stay by their side to keep them company; your pet will likely be far more scared if they are alone in the house than if they have you there to “protect them.”

Final Thoughts

It’s not surprising that our beloved canine companions can be prone to anxiety on the Fourth of July. After all, they don’t know what fireworks are – but, unlike with young children, we can’t explain it to them. As such, all we can do is implement ways to help reduce canine anxiety during this difficult time, and we hope today’s key tips may have helped ease your dog as well.

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