Does Fleece Make a Good Dog Toy?

Does Fleece Make a Good Dog Toy?

Have you ever wondered whether fleece could be an excellent material to consider when buying a brand new dog toy? Not all materials are appropriate for our beloved fur babies. Still, there’s a lot to love about fleece toys for your pet dog (or cat). Today, we’re looking at some of the key things you should know about buying a good dog toy – and some of the most notable features making fleece dog toys all the more popular.

What is Fleece? 

Before we go any further, we should perhaps start by defining what fleece is. Fleece is a man-made polyester-based material that’s excellent for its highly insulating and durable properties. In addition to this, fleece fabric is also water-resistant and generally doesn’t readily wrinkle while also being soft and free from sharp edges or snags. These features make it highly versatile in a wide range of uses; these vary from human clothing to dog toys and more.

Is Fleece Fabric Safe for Dogs? 

Now, onto the most critical question here: is fleece fabric safe for dogs to use as a toy? While we’d recommend against giving your dog a piece of fleece to play with, a specially-made dog toy made from fleece is safe to use. Dogs’ toys made from fleece are typically designed with durability in mind, ensuring that they’re not falling to shreds after a few sessions of play from your beloved four-legged friend. After all, dogs can be a little rough with their toys.

Of course, we should make a critical warning here. It would be best to always watch your dog’s fleece toys (as with any toy) for tearing and fragments. Eating a small amount of fleece from a ripped toy could be damaging to your dog’s health. As such, when choosing a suitable dog toy, it’s crucial to choose with care.

Do Dogs Like Fleece?

At this point, we’ve considered the merit that fleece toys could offer – but what about your dog’s enjoyment of the fleece toy? In many cases, fleece toys can be preferable for your dog compared to other toy materials, and there are a few reasons for this.

However, perhaps the most notable reason is the fleece’s softness overall. Fleece is incredibly gentle on your dog’s delicate teeth and is soft to the touch, ensuring your dog can enjoy hours of play with their new fleece toys. Plus, fleece toys are also lightweight, making them excellent for pups of all sizes.

Final Thoughts 

If you’ve been looking to purchase a brand new toy for your beloved pet dog, it’s crucial to consider whether or not that toy is likely to be appropriate for them. Indeed, not every type of toy will be safe in many cases, especially for dogs of different sizes. Furthermore, even stitched fleece toys could risk your dog’s health if they tear the stitching and manage to swallow parts of the fleece. 

However, with our unique bonded, no-sew methods for making dog toys, we can ensure that your beloved canine companion stays safer when playing with their favorite toys – you won’t have to worry so much about their risks of choking. We also make hand-make our unique dog toys lovingly with the finest, upcycled fleece materials with zero-waste. So, you know that you’re making a difference and preventing fleece from ending up in landfills when you choose our fleece toys over other alternatives. To browse our line of pet toys, click here.

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