Cyber Security.  Are you secure?

Cyber Security. Are you secure?

ūüö® update ūüö® we have our Instagram back! We still do not have full control of our Facebook business page.¬†


2023 is the year you should take a closer look at your cyber security.  As the internet becomes more powerful, the hackers perfect their practices as well.  Chelsy's Toys owner, Lisa Freeman fell victim to her personal account being hacked resulting in social media account take-overs and shutdown.  To avoid hacking headaches, there are 4 simple security measures you can take to ensure you are cyber secured! 

Before We Begin...

Before we begin with those four security measure, we wanted to ensure you that the data Chelsy's Toys has collected from you is 100% secure without any type of breech.  We operate our website and customer information on a e-commerce platform called Shopify.  Shopify is a well known and widely used e-commerce platform holding several layers of security of its own.  Please be patient with us as we gain back our control of Instagram and Facebook platforms.  Maybe there should be bigger cyber A.I. dogs that will attached those bad guys!

Four Steps to Stay Cyber Safe

Cyber scams are nothing new, but new scammers are always showing up unwanted.  Follow these four suggestions from the CISA government website (Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency) to ensure you continue to stay Cyber Safe.

1. Turn ON all two-step authentications, also know as multifactor,  two-step factor, MFA, 2FA.  Most secure websites and apps offer a two-step authentication process in their security settings.  Some platforms are offering 2 two-step authentications, it is suggested to use them all.  

2. Update your software. All of our common businesses and platforms keep up with their security measures as well, make sure you update all of your software to receive the highest level of security available.  

3. Think Before You Click. If something looks a little off, chances they are!  You can always double check your links before you click them.  Most businesses will not ask you personal and sensitive information in an un-secure platforms like pop-ups and emails from unknown recipients.  It is suggested to only answer sensitive questions on secure platforms like your two-step authenticated email.  

4.¬†ÔĽŅUse Strong Passwords.¬†¬†ÔĽŅSometimes we become ÔĽŅcomfortable with internet accounts and use the same passcodes for multiple¬†logins.¬† This practice is highly discouraged.¬† The best cyber security passcode practices for 2023 include (1) 15 characters long,¬†(2) unique & not used before and (3) random generated passcodes provided by your computer or a password manager.¬†

Stay Cyber Healthy

With the cyber world in constant change, we have to stay current with our security measures.  Using these four simple steps provided by our Governmental Cyber Security Website will help ensure you keep your personal life secure.  

Please enjoy this personal message from Chelsy's Toys owner, Lisa Freeman: 




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