Craft for your Local Shelter

Craft for your Local Shelter

National Craft for your Local Shelters Day is this on Wednesday! 

Whether you are handy with crafts or not, spend a part of your day creating crafts that can be donated to their local shelters to help homeless pets!

It doesn’t take a lot of creativity, budget or time to create something fun that your local shelter can use to brighten the day of a dog or cat. From turning your old t-shirts into a braided toy to creating a simple and easy pet bed, you can make a big difference in a homeless pet’s life!

Here are some quick and easy craft ideas:


Shelters need bandanas for pups to wear when posing for adoption pics and going for walks. It helps to alert and remind people that they are available for the paw-perfect forever home. We can buy fabric, but it’s just as easy to find old shirts. Cut them in a variety of bandana shaped sizes. Then embroider, screen print, paint, or draw with fabric pens, “Adopt Me.” Craft for Your Local Shelters and help precious paws find their human families.

Blankies or Beds

Shelter cages can be a lonely and cold place to wait for their forever home. Old blankets, old shirts, and scraps of fabric can be used to quilt a masterpiece! There are also no-sew beds that can be made for dogs and cats of all sizes.

Cat Scratch Post

To make a simple cat scratch post, grab a little rope, some glue, scissors, and a table leg or some sort of free-standing pillar. Wrap the rope around the pillar, adding a little glue to keep it from fraying too much. Tie it off and cut the rope. It’s that easy!



Thank you to both Erika from Sew Doggy Style and Vet Organics for these fabulous ideas and information!
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