Gifts Your Dog Actually Wants For Christmas

Gifts Your Dog Actually Wants For Christmas

We Saw Your Pet's Christmas List To Santa

And we have just the thing they want... Indestructible toys!

Our toys make for the perfect gift for your four-legged friend this holiday season.

Though we have a variety of products, our best-selling tugs (the Traditional Tug and the Spiral Tug) are a pretty paw some gift for any dog. Tug toys are great for dogs that are looking to have some fun with their owner! These toys are designed for a good game of Tug O' War or even fetch. Our tug toys are especially great because they are durable, machine washable and come in many sizes. They're made to last you and your dog a long time.

We also have snuffle products which have many functions. The first product is the Snuffle Ball! Your dog will have a blast with this toy whether you're play catch, fetch or just hanging out. This unique ball was made to impress and perfectly sail through the air. The best function of this toys is that you can hide treats for interactive sniffing fun. The second snuffle product we offer is the Snuffle Bag. This is great for nosework exercises, fast eaters and stimulation. Sprinkle the desired amount of treats/dinner and shake into the hundreds of hidden places to activate your dog's natural curiosity. Let the fun begin!

For the laid back, loving dog we have an adorable plush toy. The ReLuvAble is stuffed with the last of our fleece from making our products, making it zero waste which we are so proud of! Making the planet a little cleaner one toy at a time.

Looking for more holiday gift ideas for your pal? Check out another holiday gift guide created by our friends over at Butthead Bandanaz.

But Wait! We've Got Your Feline Friend Covered Too.

We offer two lovely cat toys that we know your cat will love. We have Cat Candy which has two pouches of organic catnip in the center and our Cat & Mouse toy is stuffed with organic catnip also!

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