Chelsy’s Toys - A Zero Waste Company

Chelsy’s Toys - A Zero Waste Company


When it comes to the pet toys industry, in so many cases, it’s hard to find products that have genuinely been made with quality and environmental consciousness in mind. However, here at Chelsy’s Toys, we were determined to make a difference for pet owners worldwide. This is why we’ve put our all into creating a range of premium-quality dog toys that help your pet feel happy and good while making a genuinely positive difference for the environment around us. 

Premium Quality Fleece Pet Toys for Your Four-Legged Friends

Your dogs are a part of the family – and this is something we here at Chelsy’s Toys understand better than most. With this thought in mind, we have created some of the highest-quality pet toys. However, we also understand the impact of using materials on the environment, which is why we wanted to make a difference with our pet toys instead. Our unique collection of toys is made with a zero-waste policy. 

Upcycling Materials for Zero-Waste Toys

When it comes to quality pet toys, we’ll never compromise. However, this shouldn’t come at the expense of the environment and the world around us – which is why we’re proud to be a zero-waste company when it comes to materials.

Let’s face it – any form of manufacturing creates waste, even when it’s made by hand and with care by specialist teams such as ours. However, we didn’t want to settle for minimizing our waste of materials. We knew we could do better!

That’s why any fleece scraps we attain during our production of other toys are never wasted. After all, our innovative team still saw huge potential in them, so we carefully collect every piece of scrap to use. These scraps are used to stuff our ReLuvAbles toys, helping ensure you get the best possible value for money while knowing that your new pet toys are making a genuine difference for the environment.

Premium Quality, Ultra-Durable Pet Toys 

We all want to do our bit for the environment – but not at the risk of our pets! Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be a worry with our ReLuvAbles plush pet toys! We use our fleece scraps for the stuffing of the toys, and this doesn’t impact the quality of your pet’s toys in the slightest; you can still enjoy the same excellent quality you know and love from our team since we still put the utmost care into fully bonding our pet toys. By avoiding double stitching, we further reduce our use of materials; instead, we bond every piece together for the ultimate durable pet toy that’ll last for (hopefully) years to come!

Discover Our Dog and Cat Toys Today

We are immensely proud of every pet toy we make. With our premium construction designs, you can ensure that your new pet toy does good for the environment and can stand up to any rough and tumble your pet might throw at it. To learn more about Chelsy’s Toys, head to our homepage and sign up for our newsletter. 

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