Celebrating Responsible Dog Ownership Day

Celebrating Responsible Dog Ownership Day

Today, Responsible Dog Ownership Day, is a great day to remember the promises we made to our furiends. Let's ensure that our dogs are happy and healthy today!

How To Celebrate Responsible Dog Ownership Day

1. Review and refresh your pet-care basics

While you would not forget anything essential to your pet's care, it is always nice to have a reminder of important vaccinations, updates on new methods of grooming, etc. Check out the resources on the AKC website for help, and don't forget to lend a helping hand to new pet parents.


2. Attend AKC's (or its affiliates') events

They host events for responsible dog ownership around the same time each year. If you cannot personally attend an event, you can check for virtual updates on the AKC Facebook page.


3. Watch a dog movie

Pick a canine-centered movie of your choice — maybe even the 2018 adventure film 'Alpha' that explores a theory about the very first dog-human partnership — grab the popcorn, and enjoy.


Huge thank you to National Today for the celebration ideas!
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