Are tug toys good for dogs?

Are tug toys good for dogs?

Are Tug Toys Good For Your Dogs? 

The simple answer is yes, in most cases.  There are always going to be that dog that does not fit into a typical seniario but in general playing tug-o-war with your dog is a very healthy exercise for your dog and YOU!  

We asked Alyse at Purely Balanced K9 Training to share her thoughts. She said, “Playing tug with your dog is a fantastic way to build motivation and drive. Tug is a natural instinct your dog has, so why not use that to your advantage? When a dog feels something moving in its mouth its natural instinct is to pull. Your dog should think that playing with you is the most fun thing to do with that specific toy. But believe it or not, there is a correct and incorrect way to play tug with your dog. You must let the dog win, especially in the beginning stages of playing the game or they will loose interest, and in many cases, it t turns to a game of keep away.” Follow Purely Balanced K9 Training for more training tips. 

We have puppies chewing on frozen tugs and senior like Popo who love the game so much, they would play all day.  Popo is a lucky rescued dog that lives in Ontario Candana with four other furblings.  Popo's human continues to tell us, "She was named Polita by the shelter and we chose to keep her name but call her Popo or Polly more often. We rescued her in Barcelona, Spain. She’s around 13 years old. She’s VERY active and playful! One of her favorite games is tug of war. She would do that all day if I was willing to hold the toy that long 😅 She will bring me the toy all the time in hopes I’ll play just a little bit longer- I personally like how the toys are soft and don’t seem to bother her teeth as she is older and missing quite a few from dental extractions. She’s loves everyone (people), she would prefer to be an only dog probably but she tolerates the others in the house, however she doesn’t like to share her tug!"

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