An Easy Indoor Exercise For Dogs

An Easy Indoor Exercise For Dogs

When we have a happy and healthy dog, we have a happy life!

There are several ways to maintain your dogs happiness and one way is by giving them nosework activities. Nosework is an exercise that allows your dog to follow their natural desire to hunt by using their unique ability to pick up a scent and determine the source. Many dogs today don't get the encouragement of putting this instinct to work, but it is very important that they do. Nosework helps keep your dog calm, confident and active.

Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, Kayla Fratt, provides her pal Barley with nosework fun nearly everyday. Read all about how to get your dog started with this easy exercise in her article, Nosework: Exhaust Your Dog & Teach Impulse Control (No Shoes Needed). In that piece, Kayla explains that once your dog gets the hang of the game, spicing things up a bit is key to progression. Our Snuggle Bag provides the right amount of complexity!

Adding a Snuffle Bag into the mix will enrich any nosework exercise. It's very simple to use too, just sprinkle the desired amount of treats/dinner then shake into the hundreds of hidden places to activate your dog's natural curiosity. 

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