Adopt A Less-Adoptable Pet Week

Adopt A Less-Adoptable Pet Week

It’s The Third Week In September!

That means it’s Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week.

There are many reasons to adopt a less-adoptable pet, but the best one is that you’ll be rewarded in your heart every single day! Before you can participate in this special week, let us help you better understand what makes an animal “less-adoptable”. 
Deaf, blind, and different looking animals are very difficult to get adopted out.  Animals that are older, FIV+, and certain breeds (such as Pit Bulls) are also commonly over looked. All of these reasons are typically due to the misconception that they’ll rack up an expensive vet bill. With regular check ups, it’s easy to avoid those costly visits. has made it easier than ever to adopt a special, unique, pet that needs you. With their website, your new furry friend is just one click away! If you’re unable to adopt at this time and want to get involved in helping the less adoptable pets in your community; volunteer for your local animal shelter to care for and promote the hard to place pets—those pets who can’t seem to catch a break and find the home they deserve.
We hope you partake in this wonderful week or celebrate your special furrriend if you already have!
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