Adopt-A-Dog Month

Adopt-A-Dog Month


Every October, we get the chance to celebrate Adopt-A-Dog month! The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) sponsors and promotes this month long celebration while the American Humane Society campaigns to encourage the adoption of shelter dogs. Community shelters make it a priority to match each dog with a compatible owner and environment to support the dog’s best second chance at a loving and stable forever home. 

If you're unable to partake in this month's mission to adopt a furry friend, no worries, you can still spread awareness! A great way to spread the word is by sharing your personal story of a successful shelter dog adoption. Hearing about your experience may be the little nudge someone needs to make room in their heart and home for a dog in need of a best friend and forever home.

If you already own a dog or love dogs and can't commit to having a dog in your home long term, maybe being a doggy foster parent is right for you. National Adopt-A-Dog Month is the perfect time to contact your local shelter about providing foster care for a dog. There is a huge need for people willing to provide temporary, safe, caring homes for dogs in transition who need to be observed before being made available for adoption.

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