Adopt a Cat Month

Adopt a Cat Month

The American Human Association started Adopt a Cat Month 47 years ago, in 1974! National Adopt a Cat Month is here to help us remember our feline friends. It’s also an awesome time to learn how to cat-proof your home and care for your for a new fur baby.

When considering the adoption of a furbaby, take your time.

  • Consider your lifestyle. Will you have time for an active kitten or will an adult cat be more to your pace?
  • Make multiple visits before making a choice. Sometimes, the purrfect cat will choose you.
  • Spend one-on-one time with the cat so you have some bonding meowments and her true personality comes through.
  • Do other members of your fur family need to be considered? If so, be sure to introduce them to be sure their personalities mesh.
  • When you bring your new family member home, have a space ready for him to decompress and adjust to his new abode. Don’t be surprised if he hides at first. This is normal cat behavior.


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