Learn A Little Bit About Us

Learn A Little Bit About Us

Our Products Aren't Just Toys.

Our products are a source of employment for stay-at-home moms, a chance to keep water bottles out of landfills and oceans.


   Thirteen years ago, we found ourselves in need of a durable tug toy for Chelsy, our AmStaff/Pittie Mix. When Chelsy was 8 months old we were financially exhausted from our hunt to find durable toys that would last her longer than 20 minutes. After numerous store-bought toys met their untimely demise, I decided to make a toy for her using my crafty skills. After a trip to our local hobby store, I began to create a toy. I would make a toy then observe her process of destruction to make the next even better. Eight prototypes later, we developed a tug toy (now known as our Traditional Tug Toy) that lasted much longer than the others. Although the original intent was not to create a business, we are grateful to be able to share this invention along with our other products with you! 

Chelsy's Toys has evolved over the years from a busy mom's side-hustle to an eco-friendly company that employs stay-at-home moms to assemble products. We take pride in keeping our assembly in the US and we have developed a great group of hard working woman who can make the tightest knots ever!


   Our latest and greatest accomplishment as an eco-friendly company has been becoming zero waste! After we buy and use our fleece (an up-cycled material made from plastic bottles), we do not discard any scraps. Here is the life cycle of our fleece fabric:
We start with fleece to make tug toys, then we use the left overs to make our snuffle collection (Snuffle Bags, Snuffle Balls and Cat Candy). The remains from the snuffle collection are used to stuff our ReLuvAbles or they're donated to create fabric art to our community programs. Our R.U.F.F Program (Reuse Upcycled Fleece for Fun and Fundraising) has been useful in raising money for animal rescues while helping local art programs with supplies and ideas. We were also able to donate fabric art materials to households across the states during our infamous quarantine days.

Founder and Owner, Lisa holding Chelsy's picture surrounded by the evolution of CT products.

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