5 Puptastic Snow Day Activities

5 Puptastic Snow Day Activities

There's no need to let the wintry weather keep you from having an unfurgettable day with your pup. Here are a few ways to get out and enjoy the snow with your furiend.

Take a Winter Hike

Head to a local dog-friendly trail to get some fresh air, excise, and stress relief. You and your pup will feel refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the day/night after.

Unleash Your Pup's Inner Artist

Let your dog get creative with colorful pup-safe, washable paints. Spread out a tarp, lay out a piece of poster board or canvas, and allow your dog to express themself through painting. Dip their paws in the paint or use a pet-friendly inkpad and let them loose! 

Clean your dog's paws thoroughly when he finishes his work of art.

Play Fetch

Snow shouldn't stop a fun game of fetch! Just be sure to use a brightly colored toy or ball, so they don't spend more time hunting for it in the snow than retrieving it and returning it to you. It's also an excellent opportunity for both of you to get outside and get some exercise.

Make Them Work for Food

Feeding can be a great outlet for mental and physical energy. Rather than just setting a bowl of food down for your dog at mealtime, why not try promoting mental stimulation? Working a dog's mind can tire them out just

Treat-dispensing toys are also a great way to give your pooch's brain a serious workout. Our Snuffle Bags are great for this! Just drop a handful of dry kibble into the opening, and your dog will have to sniff around to get the food.

Have a Baking Day

Winter and baking simply go together, so why not plan a baking day with your furry pal? Your pup will happily nap the afternoon away with a full belly and a smile. 


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