Keep Your Dog Entertained at Work: Four Ways to Keep Them Calm and Happy

Keep Your Dog Entertained at Work: Four Ways to Keep Them Calm and Happy

Everyone knows that dogs love to stay at home, especially when you're at home working with them. But that doesn’t mean they don’t get bored! It can be hard for dogs to cope with the monotony of a day spent at home while you're working, especially if there isn’t much opportunity for them to explore and play. Luckily, there are simple things you can do to keep your dog happy and entertained – no matter where you work! Keeping your dog entertained is an important part of their day. A bored dog is more likely to dig, chew on furniture, or find some other way to entertain themselves that isn’t good for them. They might also develop destructive habits like barking aimlessly or whining incessantly. Keeping your dog engaged will also help reduce stress levels in both of you.

Play Games Together

One of the best ways to keep your dog engaged is to play with them as much as you can. Dogs love to play and will gain a lot of mental and physical stimulation from engaging in fun games. There are endless games you can play with your dog, from fetch to tug-of-war. Our original tug toys are great activity for you and your dog.

Snack Time

Dogs often get a bad rap for being messy eaters, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t indulge their craving for crunchy snacks. In fact, you can use the taste of certain foods to help keep your dog calm while they’re at home. Try bringing your dog one of their favorite snacks whenever they’re at home alone, especially during times when they’re likely to get anxious. Certain foods, like peanut butter or pumpkin, can even have health benefits for dogs. Make sure to read the labels to see what’s safe to give your dog, but pumpkin, peanut butter, and bananas are great choices for keeping your dog happy when you have to spend time away from home.

Walk Them During Lunch

One of the easiest ways to give your dog the mental and physical stimulation they need is to walk them during your lunch break. Alternatively, if you have the flexibility, you can bring your dog to work with you. Depending on the size of your dog, you can take them on a walk around the neighborhood or by the river. If you’re bringing them to work, you can let them roam in an open space, like a fenced-in courtyard. Bringing your dog to work with you can be a great way to keep them busy. If it’s safe for them and your company, you can even let your dog roam freely in your office. Just make sure they don’t disturb anyone, and that you clean up any messes they may make.

Provide enrichment activities for your dog

Keeping your dog busy isn’t just about giving them something to do, it’s also about keeping their mind sharp. An idle mind can lead to boredom and destructive behavior, but a mind that is constantly challenged will stay healthy and happy. Bringing your dog to work is great, but it doesn’t provide the mental stimulation they need to stay happy and healthy. At home, you can help keep their brain busy by providing them with toys that challenge them. A great way to do this is to use one of our snuffles. Our snuffles bags have hundreds of nooks and crevices for their favorite treats to hide. The act of finding treats or their dinner provides plenty of mental stimulation for your beloved pooch.


Keeping your dog engaged and happy when you work from home or at the office can be challenging. Luckily, there are lots of simple ways you can make it easier on both of you. Try engaging your dog with toys and games or even bringing their favorite snack to help keep them calm throughout the day. You can also help your dog stay challenged at home by providing them with enrichment activities and new challenges to help keep their mind active. With these tips, you can have a much more enjoyable work day for both you and your dog! To stay up to date with Chelsy's Toys, head to our homepage and subscribe to our newsletter.

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