10 Ways To Use Our Products

10 Ways To Use Our Products

Here Are 10 Playful Ways To Use Our Products!

We hope you enjoy and share any creative ways you and your best friend use our products too.

1. Tug ‘O War

Of course! A classic game of Tug ‘O War. This activity is a great way to help teach your dog how to control their mouth better as well as burn some energy. Our tugs are made to hold up when put to the test. Even the toughest tug won’t phase our Tug Toys.

2. Double Your Tug

We love doubling tugs at our house. This is great for those who have two dogs that love to tug or for keeping those little hands even further away from our furrr-iends teeth. Doubling a tug is simple to do yourself, or our Ariannaly Tugs come doubled!

3. Fetch 

Fetch is always fun. You can play fetch with our Snuffle Balls, that’s what they’re made for! You can also have your dog play fetch with their Tug or ReLuvAble. 

4. Catch

Having your dog play catch is a fun way to help them stay in tip top shape and stay sharp. Put practice into overdrive to be prepared for our #CatchMyToy Challenge later this month.

5. Hide-N-Seek

This too can be played with any one of our toys. Hide-N-Seek is an awesome way to exercise the body and brain of your dog.

6. Flirt Pole

There are magical. Entice your dog to chase a fast moving Chelsy’s Toy. They’re used to help train dogs and to help them build muscle! Keep your dog happy and healthy by using a flirt pole during playtime.

 7. Freeze & Play 

Wet, freeze, play, repeat! This is a great summer treat or perfect for a teething pup.

Yes, this also means our toys are machine washable. Let your dog go crazy with our products inside or outside all year long.

8. Spring Pole

DIY it or buy it! Either way, be sure to use a Chelsy’s Tug on it. A spring pole is considered to be one of the best muscle building exercise tools for dogs, they countless hours of fun too.

Dogs love the pulling, swinging, and tugging action that a spring pole provides.

9. Treat Finding

Let your pal snuffle away and find their food/treats using one of our Snuffle Balls or with one of our Snuffle Bags.

10. Relax 

Who doesn’t love a good midday nap? Our products aren’t only nice for playtime, but they’re also so soft you can cuddle them! Your dog will love snuggling with any of our products, but our ReLuvAbles especially.  

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