Chelsy's Toys FREE DOG SCHOOL: Week 2 Unlocking Dog Training Wonders

🐾 Unlocking Dog Training Wonders: Week 2 at Dog School! 🐾

Hello, pawsome pet parents and fellow dog aficionados,

We're back with a bark-worthy update on our sensational Week 2 at Free Dog School! Our initial week was a tail-wagging success, spotlighting the significance of playtime in dog training. This week, we're diving deeper, unraveling different training styles that emphasize fear-free methods using positive reinforcement and negative punishment techniques. This approach paves the way for effective training and a joyous journey for both pet and pet parent.

Now, let's sink our teeth into addressing common concerns, seeking the expert guidance of Andrea, our esteemed certified LIMA dog trainer.

Q1: Combatting Unwanted Chewing Habits for Puppies and Adult Dogs

For puppies, Andrea recommend introducing softer toys like our specially designed Chelsy's Toys Tug Toys to aid teething discomfort.  Wet and freezing Chelsy's Toys patented Tug Toys is an ideal way to offer a soothing teether for sore gums.  For the adult doggos, these toys serve as an energy release mechanism and provide perfect opportunities to reinforce crucial commands such as “release” or “recall”.

Q2: Doorbell Excitement Management with Strategic Training

Andrea advocates for training in stages, gradually acclimating the pup to doorbell rings through "place" commands. Additionally, we uncover a 2nd way to train while utilizing the power of redirection: associating doorbell rings with fetching a beloved toy for an enjoyable play session.

Q3: Silencing Indoor Barking at Neighbors

Two effective strategies are presented: acknowledging the warning bark and redirecting the dog's energy positively.  First acknowledge your dog’s initial bark with a response (“Thank You”) which triggers their next performance of a recall, treat or a toy selection for a play praise. Another method is to strategically managing the dog's environment by limiting access to overstimulating areas. 

Q4: Repurposing Toys for a Variety of Engagements

Andrea graciously shares stimulating ideas to engage your pup using toys beyond their typical use. By choosing the right toys that motivate your furry companion, you can creatively employ them in various interactive activities, enhancing the training process.  Watch our video to hear more fun enriching games you can play with your dog, along with a small homework assignment that could turn into your next party trick. 

These sniffing adventures lead into our next week of FREE DOG SCHOOL, we're thrilled to explore the captivating world of "Nosework" and engaging games that further fortify the bond and communication between you and your canine pals. 

Stay tuned for more updates, training tips, and engaging insights that will make your dog's tail wag with delight. 

Wagging with excitement,

Chelsy's Toys & Pack Animals 🐶💕

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Love love love the helpful tips and tricks

Jasmine Williams

We love that you give us helpful tips and tricks. I definitely will try the inside bark.


Wow!! This is great. Definitely going to try out the indoor barking tips!


I adore these training tips!! Our boys could definitely use some help when it comes to barking at neighbors passing by and when the doorbell rings!! I can’t wait to implement these tops with them!!!

Abigail Elkins

I love that you offer dog training advice. That’s awesome 👏

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