Customized Tugs

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As we discover new ways to construct multiple tug toys, we will offer them to you exclusively in our store!  

2 new creations!

*Limited Supply*

1. Toy Tickler

Perfect for multiple fur friends tugging with their favorite hooman. Constructed of 1 Large Spiral Tug Toy & 5 Small Spiral Tug Toys, this will be sure accommodate all that want to play.  <retail value 66.94>

 2. Hercules

We cannot explain how durable this toy is!  Hercules was made by our strongest toy maker and weighs in over 12 ounces.  This double tug has over 400 individual hand tightened knots. 30 feet of material condensed into a 23 inch tug toy will not disappoint & will NOT unravel!  <retail value: $39.98>

Watch our video on youtube for ideas on how to assemble your Chelsy's Toys.  Have a unique design?  Tag us: @ChelsysToys or email: