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Everything you need to know about being a first time pet owner.  We give you educated advice and several other resources to deepen your research before getting a new pet.

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Are you getting ready for the most love-filled month of the year?  As we head into February, we see hearts all around and it isn’t any different at Chelsy’s Toys.  ReLuvAbles are our version of a {heart} dog plush toy.  ReLuvAbles were specifically designed to help us maintain our goals to be a No-Waste Company.  Not only do we assemble our hearts with the last of our fleece materials, the smallest pieces are used as ReLuvAble stuffing.  Big ReLuvAbles serve an important function in this process as well.  Big ReLuvAbles are stuffed with the excess cuttings from our small ReLuvAbles offering a much different plushie texture dogs love. Valentine’s Collection...

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Are Tug Toys Good For Your Dogs?  The simple answer is yes, in most cases.  There are always going to be that dog that does not fit into a typical seniario but in general playing tug-o-war with your dog is a very healthy exercise for your dog and YOU!   We asked Alyse at Purely Balanced K9 Training to share her thoughts. She said, “Playing tug with your dog is a fantastic way to build motivation and drive. Tug is a natural instinct your dog has, so why not use that to your advantage? When a dog feels something moving...

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